The webcomics published across our digital channels have been created by University of Dundee’s Masters in Comics and Graphic Novels students. We worked closely with Phillip Vaughan and Christopher Murray to brief the students and work with them over a few months, acting as a client and feeding back on their progress.

The whole class was commissioned to produce work and the project acted as a live brief for their Comics Production module. We are excited to have been able to work in this way with our local students and provide them with the experience of working on a project, as well as payment for their webcomics.

Each student’s work is released in four instalments over four weeks, one after the other. They’re bold, exciting, varied and we can't wait to share each one with you in turn.

Read the published comics below.

Cecilia Lee

"Amazed by her classmates’ artwork, Cecilia decided to collect a portrait from each of them and interview them all about the process of working on this project."

Holly Fishman Crook

"Every day is much like the next for Joan and her nan. But one Saturday morning, the residents of the large tower block receive some news that's about to turn the tide on their way of life."

Riky Christian

"This is the age-old story about a pug and the lice that live on his body. He loves them and doesn't allow his human owner to get rid of them."

Gabriele Zubauskaite

"I (don’t) deserve to be here is about someone experiencing impostor syndrome. It starts with a surreal experience with the protagonist then thrown into a journey of understanding."

Emma Oosterhous

"After years of slaying beasts and seducing their way out of trouble, Harriet, Gemma and Wendell have finally reached the Magic Arcade, where one final test lies between them and a mysterious Magic Prize."

Danny Barnfield

"Follow Mòr, Beag and their trusty steed Cleas The Ram, as they endeavour to work together battling the evil Linton Worm!"

Amy Galloway

"Influenced by Dundee’s rich history, with a focus on its famous landmarks combined with cute videogame details."

Rayne Zaayman-Gallant

"Metamorphosis is about young love, mental illness and how two people deal with their mental health in different ways."

Vincent Bell-Robertson

"The violence, along with the story and artwork, is a nod to Looney Tunes and similar cartoons."

Tony Holdsworth

"On a routine repair, astronauts on a space station discover that the root of a problem is a ghost. NASA never trained them for this."

Andrew Sztehlo

"Goya created the greatest testaments to his artistic genius: the bleak, disturbing, horrifying murals known as the Black Paintings. Why did Goya create them? And what exactly are they trying to say?"

Emma Canziani

"...when I entered the exhibition, I suddenly felt a breeze that smelled of sea salt. You could hear laughter as everyone on deck enjoyed themselves by the pool..."

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