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Dr Kit Braybrooke

I am Kit Braybrooke, a digital anthropologist and artist-designer whose work explores how we navigate culture, identity and belonging across shifting virtual and physical terrains. As part of my creative practice, I direct Studio Wê & Üs [LINK:], which helps civil society organizations foster sustainable development through creative participation, from place-making to digital making. As a researcher, I gather the tales of communities experiencing digital and ecological change, from maker cultures and mutual aid networks to arts institutions. I am currently senior researcher with Habitat Unit at Technische Universität Berlin and have conducted fieldwork in Germany, China, Japan, Canada and the UK. I hold a PhD in media and cultural studies from the University of Sussex for ‘Hacking the Museum’, an ethnographic study of user experiences of access and power at the UK’s first museum makerspaces in partnership with Tate, the British Museum and the Wellcome Collection.

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