Moving Patterns (2008 - 2009)

In Moving Patterns, Helen Scalway asked questions about cities, streets, houses and how we make them home, sharing her own journey of research, as she worked towards a drawing exhibition held in London’s Royal Geographical Society, close by the V&A, in 2009, part of her work as one of a team working on a three-year research project entitled Fashioning Diaspora Space.The project concerns cultural entanglements between Britain and South Asia in both colonial and post-colonial times particularly through the lens of textile ornament.Helen explored how textile patterns have travelled ceaselessly between South Asia and Britain from the 17th century to our own day, constantly reworked for trade, for changing fashions, how these voyages change the patterns as cargoes of meaning and memory and whether their arrival in a city subtly change the urbanscape, and if so, how.