Postlerferguson: Makers in Residence (2011)

Postlerferguson were Makers in Residence at the V&A from July to December 2011, working in conjunction with the Power of Making exhibition. In this section they discussed their activity in studios in the Sackler Centre, and participation in a range of of activities around the museum during this period.

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Popping up Cafe Sonja

After weeks of using the laser cutter to its full potential. 7 tables, 22 chairs, 1 counter top, 8 reflectors and a whole lot of goodness were cut and packed. Ready for the big pop up. These three boxes contained most of the furnitures needed for the cafe. They were sent to Vienna… …and the rest was carried by Martin! We helped of course. Men at work About 100 meters of rope were used to tie the tables and chairs. The roll was literally used down to the last half meter. Precision! Final tidying up before the opening of Cafe …

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PF @ London Design Festival

From 19-25 September, we're opening our studio doors to everybody during London Design Festival. We're keeping it informal; come by check out what we're working on, have a coffee, chillax a bit. There are all kinds of fun stuff going on in our studio right now. Here are a few of them: Make For London We've just launched a new project called Make For London, in conjunction with the Power of Making show here at the V&A. We're working with Londoners to take their brilliant product ideas and build them up into marketable products and rough business plans.
Submit your idea …

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The making of…

After an intense week of fabric cutting, transformer wiring and mylar clipping. The two lamps are now waiting in the process of being photographed. Meanwhile, here is a sneak preview of the processes, which have gone into the making of the auction lamp. Laser cut wooden test pieces. The laser cutter is big, but not big enough for the lamp, so two halves were made, and joint together with some wood pieces and some seriously strong wood glue. We decided to reduce the size of the frame to make it more efficient, in terms of in house production. To challenge …

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Rocking through another week

Lucky us, another crazy (good) busy week. Power of Making opens up on Monday and the gallery is in full swing, filling up with amazingly cool stuff. We're helping set up the 3D printers that will be in the Tinker Space part of the show, we'll have a lot more on those soon. The new toys just keep appearing, which is great. Carson made a wicked lamp: Martin discovered that we'll lasercut anything, just because we can (hint: it's the little spacers between the boards he's in the middle of painting): And I am getting an unexpected lesson in how …

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Good times in the studio

. . . so good we don't have time to write anything this week.

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Laser Cutter

Our behemoth of a laser cutter finally arrived in studio the other week! For those of you who aren't familiar with this kind of machine, it uses a focussed laser beam to precisely cut through sheet material. By varying the power of the laser and the speed at which it moves, you can cut or engrave nearly any material which will burn; wood, paper, plastic, fabric. This unit isn't powerful enough to cut metal, but it can engrave on it, as well as on glass. It is a great machine for cutting intricate parts, and lots of them since its …

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Turkey Smokin’

Each year at Thanksgiving we invite everybody we know over to ours for a feast, featuring a couple of smoked turkeys that we make in our garden in a makeshift smokehouse. So last Thursday when we got a call asking us if we had any skills we could share at the Skill Swap for this month's Friday Late, we knew it was time to share our turkey smoking secrets. Unfortuneately, we didn't have time (or clearance from the H&S sherrif) to actually smoke a turkey in the V&A courtyard so we had to make do with a model. On the …

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Moving In

We’re settling into our new studios now, getting acquainted with the V&A. The spaces are spectacular, and it is incredibly fun getting to peek behind the scenes of the museum.

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