6 Days to Go

…. and counting. I can almost physically feel the inner core of my being shrinking in tandem with the diminishing daylight as the shortest day approaches. Generally, I reckon I’m a pretty positive person, But I have to really concentrate on building up the pluses at this time of year. Dreary, dull, dismal; greyed out skies and repetitive, dripping rain – mmmm. I’m lucky to have a lot of natural light in the studio from the roof lights, but for the last couple of weeks it has barely peaked above squint level. This is tough when the most subtle, gentle colours are to be sorted and categorised and grouped. Tiny stones collected in bright beside the sea light now being placed and positioned very precisely in a large drawing for a private client. Is this one in the greeny greys or slate blues? Mauve or pink? Ruby red or ruddy brown? Light, mid or dark? Have been wanting to make this work for quite a while ‐ NOT clever to be doing it now. So this country may be heading for the warmest December on record but give me bitterly cold, clear, crisp and BRIGHT days anytime.