The making of…

After an intense week of fabric cutting, transformer wiring and mylar clipping. The two lamps are now waiting in the process of being photographed.

Meanwhile, here is a sneak preview of the processes, which have gone into the making of the auction lamp.

Laser cut wooden test pieces.

The laser cutter is big, but not big enough for the lamp, so two halves were made, and joint together with some wood pieces and some seriously strong wood glue.

We decided to reduce the size of the frame to make it more efficient, in terms of in house production.

To challenge ourselves, we chose to experiment with acrylic. After alot of plastic snapping, precision UHU glueing, a prototype appeared. Unfortunately though, it had to remain a prototype as it was too fragile.

Mylar test – 1

Mylar test – 2

The mylar is very reflective, but also semi-transparent when the light is turned on. (You can see the LED dots along the frame if you look closely.)

The mighty plotter:

We decided to use dibond as our final material. It is cheaper than metal and it has a good tolerance of flex. Perfect for the curve detail of the frame.

The screw bit broke. Dibond – 1 , Plotter – 0.

Change of tatics- alot of masking tape and a hoover.

Sucess! Dibond – 1 , Plotter – 2 ( two frames were made)

Material samples.

Was interesting to see how different fabrics diffused and reflected the light.

Final detailing of the fabric.

The humble 3-D printer was very helpful in printing the lamp’s own custom components.

Final detailing is now in progress. Please watch this space.