Week 7: If loving a goat is wrong, we don’t want to be right

During the last two weeks we have been going through the museum to scan the first objects we found both good-looking (e.g. Narcissus, Museum no. 7560-1861) and interesting.

Ticking both boxes, the life-sized, porcelain Meissen goat (Museum no. C.111-1932) evoked great feelings of joy with all of us and so it was agreed that this had to be our first Muse. The goat is one of nearly 600 animals that Augustus the Strong of Saxony (1670-1733) ordered from the Meissen factory for his porcelain menagerie, planned from 1730 onwards. Due to technical issues and death however, the project was never realised.

What do you do with an abandoned goat? 3D scan it, of course, and create a low-poly clone. Have a look at the process​ below.

goat scan

goat assemble

goat final