Thursday 26 August

Today the graphics were checked and large contextual images elements positioned. Are they the correct height for the average visitor to view comfortably? Are they legible? At what angle should the portrait of Diaghilev be on the opening panel?

The map of Russia near the entrance is now sorted and, thanks to Sarah’s now encyclopaedic knowledge of the Trans-Siberian Railway, it shows the train’s original route and not the current one.

As we were going round the galleries it was impossible to resist the chance to peak behind the Tyvek covers to see the Firebird backcloth in position.

The first of the two reconstructed cubist Managers from Parade has been positioned – he still needs his stockings, trousers and shoes but gives an idea of how he will appear. In the foreground are the prints for the collage of Parade photos they are taken from the photographs by Lachmann for which the V&A holds the original glass plates. We considered turning one picture upside down – but decide too many visitors will tell us we have made a mistake.