‘On yer bike’


Today is the first day of installation of the objects – an exciting moment as one wonders just how everything will really look. We begin with challenges to get the 1909 poster with Serov’s wonderful drawing of Anna Pavlova into one case and Boris Godunov’s wonderful robes into another. The poster just fits through the door but there is a problem with Boris. We have lost his head! Sarah says she know where it must be in the Theatre & Performance Collections at Blythe House so hops on her bike and cycles to Olympia. She returns to the galleries with the head under her arm! By which time another head had been installed in a different section, the Una Troubridge bust of Nijinsky the centrepiece of the Nijinsky section.

In the afternoon more of the costumes are brought in on carts. Covered in white tyvek they look almost like the ghosts on tumbrels heading for execution.

By the end of the day three groups of costumes are more or less in place but we will return to them in the morning with fresh eyes.

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