#LetsMakeWednesdays – Clothing Design Challenge  

April 22, 2020

Let’s make something new and fun to wear!

This week’s challenge is all about clothing. The V&A has lots of clothes, shoes and accessories made by famous designers. They come in all shapes and sizes, colours and textures. They can look like the clothes or shoes you might wear everyday, or nothing like them. Take a look at the design challenges below and step into the shoes (or hat, or trousers) of a designer.  

How to do the challenge

There are three ideas below. You can pick one or do all of them – it’s up to you. Use any materials in your home: from drawing a picture, or making a model with things from the recycling bin (make sure they are clean!). Think about who your design is for as well as what it will look like. How will it solve the problem? There are no wrong answers – that’s the joy of getting creative. If you need some help getting started with ideas, there is a short video and an example at the bottom of this page. Also, sometimes talking about your ideas aloud with family members can help you get started. Your ideas can be anything you wear, from an item of clothing, to a hat, trainers, a rucksack or something completely new.

Then show us your designs with the hashtag #LetsMakeWednesdays – we’d love to see them!

And check back next Wednesday for a whole new activity.

Let’s make something to wear that makes cooking or eating food more fun

This dress is made to look like a plate of breakfast! What can you design to wear that would make eating more fun? It could be something you wear to help you cook, to use while you eat, an outfit inspired by your favourite meal or even an outfit that becomes your favourite meal!

Find out more about this dress here.

Let’s make something to wear that will help you relax

This is called a ‘yogi’ and is from Japan. It is made of thick material (like a blanket) and would wrap around a person to keep them warm at night. What could you design to wear that would make relaxing at home more fun? It could be something to keep you warm, cool, happy, or calm. Use your imagination to think of something new. Maybe it could play music for you, or read stories aloud?

Find out more about the yogi here.

Let’s make something to wear that keeps you entertained

This jacket is covered in numbers! It’s made to look like a game of Bingo. Bingo is a game where each player has a card with numbers on. Someone calls out numbers and if you are the first person to have all your numbers called out, you win the game and shout BINGO! Think about some of your favourite fun things to do. What can you design to wear to keep you and your family entertained? Can you design something based on your favourite game?
Find out more about this jacket here.

Need help with ideas?

Some designers also want to make clothing that is better for the environment. Watch this short film about a wild rubber dress made by Fashion Designers Vivienne Westwood and Andres Kronthaler to see how they are using design to make clothes that are better for the earth.


In V&A Innovate, a design challenge for schools around the country, students at Wrenn School in Wellingborough designed school shoes that can get bigger when the person wearing them grows. This will save money and be better for the environment. Look at their drawing below. Do you see how they have thought about how the idea will work?

Don’t forget to share your designs on social media using #LetsMakeWednesdays

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