A portrait of the V&A from the modern-day Museum Photographers

By guest blogger Kate Elliott

During the Creative Photography Course at the V&A, designed and led by Kate Elliott a group of six students have spent six weeks working as Museum Photographers, to create a modern-day ‘portrait’ of the V&A.

Through class discussions, practical tasks and exhibition visits, the group have explored a combination of architectural, portrait, documentary and reportage photography, to develop a collection of images that depict their individual views and interpretations of the building, its inhabitants, and activities and events that take place there.

During the final week of the course, the group compiled the images into a single ‘portrait’ that combines the physical layering of the photographs, with a conceptual layering of the different approaches and processes explored throughout the course, and an in-depth exploration into the layers of history found in the museum.


© the photographers (John Francis, John Hinshelwood, David Marlow, Janice Weston, Gary Williams and Kate Elliott)

For further information about the project please see our previous two blog posts here:



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