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Karen in the Studio

I knew time would pass quickly during my six months here as an Artist in Residence, but I wasn’t quite prepared for just how quickly! Like previous Residents I have been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff here in the V&A, running about looking at the galleries, finding my way up into the ‘Specials’ in the National Art Library and discovering new sections, corridors and hidden staircases in the building itself. Then there is the studio itself. So far, all my drawing has been done at home, and there is nothing like being at home for distracting myself. I’m a born procrastinator, so having a studio of my own, particular one so well-equipped, means that I am away from pretty much all potential distractions. If I do find myself unable to concentrate on anything, there is always the whole museum to wander around, sketch, and be inspired by. 

 So, now that a little time has passed for me to settle in, I can start writing this blog. I’ll admit to being a little intimidated by blogging, despite having one of my own. I’ve never been good at keeping diaries, either. Hopefully, someone out there will find this enjoyable and informative! I’d love to know who is reading this, and what kind of things you would be interested in hearing about, so please leave your comments.

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