A Deliciously Sweet Treat in Store…

Back in April last year a swarm of bee’s, around 40,000 arrived from Northern Italy and Wales and made their home on the expansive roof of the V&A. During the glorious summer months a happy humm reverberated around SW7 as the bees busily buzzed around a three mile radius of the V&A, enjoying the abundance of local foraging grounds found within the numerous Royal Parks in their neighborhood.

After the first month of their installation, there were signs honey – now after ten months we are able to exclusively offer up the fruits of their labour – jar upon jar of golden V&A Honey.

V&A Honey

The hives were installed by the London Honey Company run by Steve Benbow, who now looks after the bees for us and other London institutions. Steve explains how bees can thrive in the city in The Urban Beekeeper. This fact filled diary is a practical guide to beekeeping that follows a year in the life of Steve and his bees.

The Urban Beekeeper by Steve Benbow

The V&A Bees and the UK bee population more generally have been the inspiration behind some new spring lines that provide a tempting glimpse into a sunlit lifestyle that can be reaped from the outdoors. It is our mission, at a time when bee population is in decline to support our yellow and black furry friends. The V&A Honey Bee Seed Mix, a blend of nectar and pollen rich flowers, is a treat to make a bee’s heart skip a beat! The packaging takes a delicate design of wild flowers and grasses from a roller printed furnishing fabric from the 1940s found in our collection.

V&A Honey Bee Seed Mix

Sweeten up your home this Spring and embrace the wholesome lifestyle with our Urban Gardener range.
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