The V&A Shop Fabric Project

We are excited to share with you what busy bees we have been in the V&A Shop office. Eight members of the team rose to the challenge to make some crafty, DIY, upcycled items using our new collection of beautiful printed cotton fabrics inspired by the V&A’s collections.

The fabrics are truly one of a kind and will add an original touch to your home. The range of patterns and colour schemes suit a number of interior themes. Featuring Edouard Benedictus designs in Art Deco styling, to patterns adapted from furnishing textiles in the Art Nouveau style by 19th century company F. Steiner & Co., and 18th century designs by Anna Maria Garthwaite – one of the leading pattern designers in the English silk industry – the range flourishes with fabulous fabrics for all.

All that needs to be done now is to follow our gurus and your next design move is all but guaranteed to be more stylish, cheaper and less work. We hope that their projects will inspire and encourage you to pick up a needle and thread.

For each fabulous design, follow the link through to our Facebook page to see a step-by-step photo guide.

Hairband by Frances, V&A Publishing Fashion Editor

Hairband by Frances, using ‘Tree Buds’ in navy. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Frances loves all things hip and vintage. We were so impressed by her fabulous floppy bow hairband made from our pretty V&A fabric, ‘Tree Buds’ in navy.

Follow Frances’ Hairband step-by-step photo guide

Knickers by Lucy, V&A Publishing

Knickers by Clare, using ‘Tree Buds’ and ‘Feather’ in tan. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Lucy decided her knicker draw was looking a bit tired, so she used two of our Fat Quarter Bundles of fabric to create a perfectly pretty pair. Clare’s combination of ‘Tree Buds’ in tan and ‘Feather’ in tan works wonderfully to make some flattering and rather flirtatious undies!

Follow Lucy’s Knickers step-by-step photo guide

Keyring by Charlie, Buyer

Keyring by Charlie, using 'Coral Leaves'. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Charlie used this beautiful fabric ‘Coral Leaves’ to make this cool keyring.

‘The keyring was inspired by one my sister brought back from Thailand which is a Holly Hobby style character! Although a little silly, I really like the idea – it makes your keys easier to find and it stops your keys scratching things in your handbag!’

Follow Charlie’s Keyring step-by-step photo guide

Tea cosy by Charlie, Buyer

Tea Cosy by Charlie, using 'Coral Leaves'. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Charlie also made a sweet tea cosy to brighten up her kitchen and prepare the perfect brew. Measure, stitch, press, thread, tie… and put the kettle on!

Follow Charlie’s Tea Cosy step-by-step photo guide

Make-up brush holder by Sophie, Retail Operations and VM Co-ordinator

Make-up Brush Holder by Sophie, using ‘Peacock’ in fushia. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Sophie made an utterly gorgeous and highly practical make-up brush holder.  She used one Fat Quarter Bundle of ‘Peacock’ fabric in fushia. This pattern, created by our partner Westminster Fibers, was adapted from a furnishing textile in the Art Nouveau style by F. Steiner & Co., 1922. We think this pretty pattern is perfect for dressmaking, patchwork and quilting and it makes for an especially delightful, girly addition to the bathroom as Sophie’s make-up brush holder.

Follow Sophie’s Make-up brush holder step-by-step photo guide

Cushion cover by Anni, Book Buyer

Cushion cover by Anni, using ‘Tree Buds’ and ‘Peacock’ in tan. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Anni made a brilliant no-sew cushion cover using ‘Tree Buds’ and ‘Peacock’ in tan. Genius!

‘I wanted to prove that you can make the most of beautiful fabrics even if you don’t have a sewing machine and are no friend of needle and thread.’

Follow Anni’s Cushion Cover step-by-step photo guide

‘Just Married’ sign by Davina, Production Controller

'Just Married' sign by Davina, using ‘Seed Head’ in red and ‘Leaf’ in brown. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Davina is getting married! She used a combination of ‘Seed Head’ in red and ‘Leaf’ in brown to make this brilliant boho, upcycled, vintage looking ‘Just Married’ sign for post-wedding celebrations. Congratulations to the nearly newly weds!

Follow Davina’s Just Maried sign step-by-step photo guide

Canvas by Anni, Book Buyer

Canvas by Anni, using 'Medallion' in teal. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Anni used ‘Medallion’ in teal to add a splash of colour to her walls.

’A great way to get some colour and/or pattern on to your walls is to use fabric stretched over canvas. Easy to do and reasonably cheap, it makes for a great weekend project.’

Follow Anni’s Canvas step-by-step photo guide

Wash-bag by Laura, Print Designer

Wash-bag by Laura, using 'Medallion' in teal. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Laura’s lovely little wash-bag, made using ‘Medallion’ in teal, with a lined inside pocket in ‘Hearts’ in green, is such a neat carrier for all cosmetics.

Follow Laura’s Wash-bag step-by-step photo guide

Cool clever creations by Rita, Image Licensing Executive

Green-rimmed coin purse by Rita. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

To round off, Rita explains the inspiration behind her cool clever creations made using our gorgeous fabric. You’d hardly believe that out of one fat quarter came this array of cute little accessories. We love her laid back attitude to these projects and hope this will persuade you to just have a bit of fun!

‘I’d like to say we thought about it intensely, mused over the inspiring nature of the patterns and colours of the fabrics, but in truth these creations were spawned in a mass-chocolate-egg-binge during the Easter weekend. I chose the two fabrics, ‘Peacock’ and ‘Feather’ because of the bold colours and interesting patterns on both. We created a small green-rimmed coin purse, an ipod and phone sock, an interesting two-layer broach, a cushion cover, a t-shirt pocket combining the two fabrics complete with a small gold button, a camera strap and a diary cover. Both fabrics are fun, dynamic and vibrant and it is this essence we tried to realise when creating our pieces.’

View Rita’s other cool clever creations

2 thoughts on “The V&A Shop Fabric Project

Mrs.Sylvia Belcher:

I am trying to purchase a selection of fabrics to use in patchwork quilt making from the V &A Westminster Fabrics (Rowan)collection I believe it is called the Jones collection
The code numbers are as follows PWVA031. PWPJ055. VOVA004. PWVA039
During the last two days of trying to locate these fabrics via the V&A and Westminster Fabrics( located in USA) I cannot believe that it IS at all possible to purchase these
Liberty of London have some in store but do not have a website for fabrics
One would think it would be so easy to go to the V&A site and type in the shop at the V&A and the fabric details but it is not
I would have thought that IF you have this collection you would be at least trying to help people like myself who do not get to London very often to be able to buy same
Very very frustrated beautiful hand quilter only use the best of Monmouth

Fabric Collection NY:

All this cool collection makes me much exciting.AWESOME!!!!AWESOME!!!! Color combination with different pattern are really gorgeous.”Laura’s lovely little wash-bag” was excelent.Hope, very soon I will get all this cute collection in my hand.I am wating…….

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