Designing for the bride

Three designers at the forefront of British fashion share their experiences of designing for three very different brides.

Gareth Pugh

Gareth Pugh's catwalk pieces served as the initial inspiration for fashion editor Katie Shillingford's wedding dress. Gareth considered the personality of the bride-to-be when designing the gown's form, colour and fabric. Here, Gareth and Katie discuss how the dress design came about while Katie remembers how it felt to wear it.

Pam Hogg

When model Mary Charteris went backstage after a fashion show and asked Pam Hogg to create her wedding dress, Hogg's response was a firm no. The designer had vowed never again to create another bridal gown. Eventually, Pam agreed and a six-month period of research in to fabrics and various style references began – taking in to account the added complication of designing and creating for 'doll-like' proportions.

Philip Treacy

Milliner Philip Treacy explains how he often finds himself 'drawing' with materials – a technique he put to great use in the creation of a hat for Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles, to be worn at her wedding to the Prince of Wales.