Inside the Fabergé in London: Romance to Revolution exhibition

Showcasing over 200 objects across three main sections, the exhibition tells the story of Carl Fabergé and his internationally recognised firm that symbolised Russian craftsmanship and elegance – an association further strengthened by its connection to the romance, glamour and tragedy of the Russian Imperial family.

The exhibition focuses on his only branch outside of Russia opening in London in 1903. Royalty, aristocrats, American heiresses, exiled Russian Grand Dukes, Maharajas, financiers with newly-made fortunes, and socialites flocked to the boutique to buy gifts of unparalleled luxury for each other. Fabergé works were as popular in Britain as they were in Russia.

Take a look around the exhibition which includes the largest display of the legendary Imperial Easter Eggs in a generation, several of which are being shown in the UK for the first time.

Interior exhibition shot of three arches in salmon pink
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Interior exhibition shot showing lots of framed photos
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★★★★ – They're [Imperial Easter Eggs] worth the wait, but it's what comes before – a neatly put-together show that highlights not just Peter Carl Fabergé's glorious creative vision but also the genuinely stratospheric heights to which his artists and artisans rose in the pursuit of beauty – that actually blows your mind.

Evening Standard
Interior exhibition shot with green wall and pink showcase with objects in it and a gold painting
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★★★★ – A beautiful, extravagant show that leaves the best to last.

The Telegraph
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★★★★★ – exhibition far outshines eggs-pectations

The Londonist
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Striped pink and yellow walls with display cases cut into them and a painting of a huntsman on a horse.
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★★★★ – a fascinating look at those iconic eggs

The Times
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Culture Whisper
Top lit pedestals with display cases on them and a sign on the wall that says 'Faberge's legacy'
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