Working with Tim Walker: hair and makeup

Produced as part of Tim Walker: Wonderful Things

Ran from 21 September 2019 to 22 March 2020

More about this Exhibition

The fantasy worlds that Tim Walker conjures require the makeup and hair stylists he collaborates with to push the boundaries of their art. On set, the hair and makeup are developed and refined, not only in response to each other, but to Tim's lenses, lighting and the staging. A close, harmonious connection with everyone working on the shoot and an understanding of the source of inspiration is essential in achieving the final image.

Having that close connection [with Tim] means our collaboration is harmonious, very nourishing in a way. Creative things should be nourishing, but they're not always like that. To me it's all about communication. The better you communicate with someone, the better the end product is, and the more fun it is.

Malcolm Edwards, Hair Stylist