Eileen Gray

‘To create, one must first question everything.’
Eileen Gray

Influenced by both the Art Deco style and 1920s functionalism, Eileen Gray (1878 – 1976) is one of the most intriguing designers of the inter-war period. Largely unrecognised in her own lifetime, today she is considered a pioneer of the Modernist movement, known for her remarkably bold furniture designs and architecture.

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We hold a number of designs, drawings and sketches by Eileen Gray in our Archives of Art and Design. We also hold four key pieces of her furniture: two screens, including a luxurious example of Art Deco lacquer-work, and two prototype armchairs – the 'S' bend and the iconic 'Fauteuil Transatlantique' lounger, both given by the designer herself.


Header image:

Screen, Eileen Gray, 1923, Paris, France. Museum no. W.21-1972. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London