Rapid Response Collecting

Rooms 74, 74A & 76

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Rapid Response Collecting was introduced in 2014 as a new type of collecting activity at the V&A. Contemporary objects are acquired in response to major moments in recent history that touch the world of design and manufacturing. Many of the objects have been newsworthy either because they advance what design can do, or because they reveal truths about how we live.

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Ranging from Christian Louboutin shoes in five shades of 'nude', a 3D-printed titanium handlebar used by Bradley Wiggins to set cycling's Hour Record, to a knitted Pussy Hat worn at the 2017 Women's March in Washington DC, the day after Donald Trump's inauguration; each new acquisition raises a different question about economic, political and social change, globalisation, technology and the law.

Collection Highlights

3D-printed logotype woodblock
3D-printed Extinction Rebellion logotype woodblock
Vote Leave 'Help protect your local hospital’, leaflet, designed and printed by The Printing Shed, 2016, Atherstone, England
pussy Power Hat
Pussyhat worn at the Women’s March in Washington on 21 January 2017, designed by Krista Suh and Jayna Zweiman, co-founders of the Pussyhat Project and Kat Coyle, owner of Los Angeles yarn shop Little Knittery, knitted by Jayna Zweiman, 2017, Los Angeles, US
soft Toy
Lufsig, soft toy, designed by Silke Leffler, made for IKEA Limited, 2013, Sweden
Trousers, made for Primark Stores Limited, 2013 – 14, Bangladesh
lego set
The Research Institute, Lego set, designed by Ellen Kooijman, 2015, Denmark
Fifi, shoes, designed by Christian Louboutin, 2014, Paris, France
lift cable
UltraRope, lift cable, manufactured by KONE Corporation, 2014, Espoo, Finland
Bolide HR handlebar, designed by Pinarello Lab, 2015, Sheffield, England
Hello Barbie, doll, designed by Mattel, Inc, by ToyTalk Inc, 2015, China
Learning Thermostat, designed by Nest Labs, 2014, California, US
Zano, drone, designed by Torquing Group, 2015, Wales
wearable terminal
WT41N0, wearable terminal, designed by Motorola Solutions, 2013, Long Island, US
personal Genetic testing kit
Personal Genome Service - v4 Ancestory Edition, personal genetic testing kit, manufactured by DNA Genotel Inc. made for 23andme, 2014, Ottawa, Canada
Ahiida Modest-Fit Burqini, swimsuit, designed by Ahida Zanetti, 21st century, Australia
mobile application
Flappy Bird, mobile application, by Dong Nguyen, by .GEARS Studios, 2014, Hanoi, Vietnam
mobile telephone
iPhone 6, mobile telephone, designed by Apple Inc. 2014, California, US
3D printed hand gun
The Liberator, 3D printed hand gun, designed by Defence Distributed, manufactured by Digits2Widgets, 2013, Texas, US
Rectangular orange flag, with a black line through it
Refugee flag, 2016, designed by Yara Said, commissioned by the Refugee Nation with the support of Amnesty International, Film Aid, Makers Unite and U-able. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
electronic cigarettes
Vype Reload, electronic cigarettes, by CN Creative, 2014, China
soft toy
Mon Mon, toy, designed by 1 More Design, 2015, China
virtual Reality headset
Oculus Rift, virtual reality headset, by Palmer Luckey, manufactured by Oculus VR, 2014, California, US
Corbyn t-shirt, designed by Bristol Street Wear, 2017, Bristol, England
Umbrella Movement protest umbrella, 2014, Hong Kong
false eyelashes
Katy Perry false eyelashes, by Katy Perry, manufactured by Eylure, 2013, Indonesia
Tom of Finland stamps, by Itella Posti Oy, 2014, Finland
mobile telephones
X-TIGI S18, mobile telephone, manufactured by X-TIGI
architectural Spikes
Architectural spikes, manufactured by Kent Stainless Ltd, 2014, Wexford, Ireland
game console controller
Xbox adaptive controller, game console controller, by Microsoft, 2018
wall tile
Julie Tile for A House for Essex, designed by Grayson Perry and FAT Architecture, manufactured by Shaws of Darwen, 2015, UK


Background image: Background image: Mon Mon, soft toy, Dan Dan Man/1 more Design, 2015, China. Museum no. Prov.2091-2015. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London