Thomas Ruff

‘Every photograph is a scientific statement, and like a scientist I have to prove in a photograph that my statement is correct. ’
Thomas Ruff

Thomas Ruff (born 1958) is one of the world's most prolific fine artists using photography. His work continually challenges the processes, techniques and concepts of the medium. Ruff often creatively edits and manipulates
a wide variety of photographic images made by others to reimagine their possibilities.


Header image:

Blue Eyes series (left to right) Blue Eyes L.C./B.E.| Blue Eyes M.V./B.E. | Blue Eyes M.B./B.E. | Blue Eyes C.F./B.E., Thomas Ruff (b. 1958). C-type prints, 1991. Museum no. E.96 to 99-2009. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London / Courtesy of Thomas Ruff and David Zwirner Gallery