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Art Nouveau: Dreaming the World from Art to Advertising

Tuesday 9 January 2018 - Tuesday 6 March 2018

  • Tuesday 9 January 2018 - Tuesday 6 March 2018

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Self-consciously modern, defiantly decorative, shamelessly commercial—Art Nouveau struck a chord which resounded through Europe during the turbulent years around the turn of the nineteenth century. Discover the masters including Tiffany and Lalique, Gallé, Mucha and Klimt that defined this fascinating phenomenon and identify what it is that gives Art Nouveau the glamour which made it so popular in its time, and continues to enchant us today.

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Justine Hopkins

Freelance lecturer Justine Hopkins

Justine works as a freelance lecturer in Art History for the Victoria and Albert Museum; Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol and London Universities; the Tate, National and National Portrait Galleries; Sotheby’s, Christies’ and assorted independent institutions, and is a registered lecturer for the Arts Society (formerly NADFAS).

I have taken many courses at the V&A and I come feeling inspired, stimulated by the facts, and wishing to know even more. Former course student

Course Overview

A deliberate break with academic orthodoxy and artistic values, Art Nouveau echoed the impulse of the age. Its determination to give equal weight and status to all branches of creative endeavour challenged the traditional privilege of the fine arts; a popular stance in a time when society at large was becoming more fluid.

The market for luxury goods was expanding rapidly: sold through specialist shops such as Liberty’s and Siegfried Bing’s Maison Art Nouveau and in the burgeoning department stores such as Selfridges, which attracted customers from a far wider spectrum of society. In a world ever more urban-centred and consciously commercial, the style also found a natural niche in the expanding world of advertising. In fact, by the mid-1900s there was virtually no area of visual experience the ‘Modern Style’ had not reached, from buildings to biscuit tins, postcards to porcelain, light shades to lingerie.


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Short course: Art Nouveau: Dreaming the World from Art to Advertising

9 January 2018 - 6 March 2018

£325.00 - £399.00

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