Insiders/Outsiders: Émigré Designers in the Archive of Art and Design

Visit Blythe House and discover the lives and work of Jewish designers and practitioners represented in the V&A's Archive of Art and Design

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Some of the most important contributors to British design in the mid-and late-twentieth century were Jewish émigrés, many of whom who escaped Nazi Germany in the 1930s or survived the persecution of the Second World War to make their homes in Britain in the 1940s. The working archives, and some private papers, of 28 Jewish designers and practitioners are represented in the AAD. Come along for a chance to hear about the life and work of some of these designers, including Hans Schleger, George Him, Jacqueline Groag and Gaby Schreiber, and to see a selection of their designs, photographs and papers.

Insiders/ Outsiders is a nationwide arts festival taking place from March 2019 to March 2020 to celebrate refugees from Nazi Europe and their contribution to British culture. This event is running on Saturday 4 May and Monday 17 June. Please select your required date when booking