The Public Country House (Onsite)

A country house is a living cultural resource for its increasingly diverse audiences. How are these multi-layered sites – at once family homes, public museums, heritage attractions and global exchange networks – curated, presented and interpreted?

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Taking place the V&A South Kensington on 16th and 17th May 2024, this two-day conference organised in partnership with the National Trust, explores what role the country house plays in our national understanding of social and global histories, art and culture, and the axes of change around which such sites are turning, including diverse audience expectations, the climate crisis, and national historical narratives. The conference focuses on public country houses: those owned, opened, and managed by charitable organisations with an obligation to provide public benefit.

The Public Country House brings together an international community of experts working across heritage, museums and galleries, the creative industries, and academia to explore the past, present, and potential future(s) of the country house. Through panels, roundtables, and creative interventions, together we’ll map the barriers to presentation and interpretation in publicly accessible country houses, share ideas and examples of innovative curatorial and interpretative practice internationally, and develop tools and methodologies for change that cut across disciplinary boundaries.

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