Friday Late: MassHysteria

A Friday Late artist commission

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Friday Late: MassHysteria  photo

Head to our Instagram or YouTube channel for the premiere of a playful new work from choreography collective MassHysteria. The piece, entitled ‘mh4v&a_1.prologue’, asks how the relationship between audience and performer can be reinvented in the digital space and considers ways to create immediacy and intimacy in this virtual world. 'mh4v&a_1.prologue' is a choreography for desktop. The desktop is the stage. The windows, files and folders are the bodies performing entrances, exits and stillness. mh4v&a_1.prologue continues MassHysteria’s recent experiments into digital performance for a post-touch world.

MassHysteria is an all-female collective of twelve international dance artists based in London. The collective creates transdisciplinary work for stage, gallery and digital spaces, facilitating hybrid connections within the realm of contemporary movement practice.