A mini ethical dilemma for your consideration

Join BBC R&D and Mozilla Festival to take part in a real-life experiment about data, consent and privacy

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  • V&A South Kensington

    Cromwell Road
    London, SW7 2RL

  • Sackler Centre for Arts Education, Art Studio

  • Under 26

  • Free event

A mini ethical dilemma for your consideration photo

Take part in a real-life experiment about data, consent and privacy! We square up to the ethical dilemmas we face online everyday in this mini version of our Ethical Dilemma Café. Will you accept our terms and conditions or turn away after thinking it through? Come and see for yourself! Activity for Adults or young people (16+ years).

The installation include projects by BBC R&D, Open Data Manchester and ImaginationLancaster.
- Open Data Manchester CIC will be showcasing two exhibits that challenge the ubiquity of listening technologies such as Siri, Alexa and Cortana and how they are perceived as benign and neutral. 'Lost in Translation' encourages participants to read a prepared text on surveillance into a microphone which simultaneously gets translated into text driven by Google's Speech to Text API. Whilst 'Don't Talk to Me' burdens someone within the Ethical Dilemma Cafe with a perpetually surveilling microphone that transcribes conversation within earshot into a permanent record projected on screen. https://www.opendatamanchester.org.uk/
- ImaginationLancaster will showcase 'Edge of Tomorrow': The Prometheus Terminal is an interactive story, embodied into an arcade-like machine, in which your choices change the course of the story. Your character, a skilled hacker, will explore the environmental effects caused by their data footprints and the consequences this has on CO2 emissions and the wider ‘state of the world’. http://imagination.lancaster.ac.uk/project/edge-of-tomorrow/

Header image: BBC R&D and Mozilla Festival