Mexican Inspired Jewellery Design with Tatty Devine

Spend the day with Tatty Devine and learn how to make your own Mexican Textile inspired laser cut necklace.

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  • Digital Studio SC

  • Tickets cost £80.00 - £100.00

    Suitable for all levels.

Past Event

Discover where and how Tatty Devine find inspiration and how it is applied to their design. Harriet Vine MBE and Rosie Wolfenden MBE will be taking you around the Frida Kahlo exhibition and into the V&A archive to look at Mexican textiles. You will then be shown how to sketch your ideas for a Mexican Embroidery Necklace, Brooch or Earrings digitally to then be laser cut. Once cut the components will be sent to you to be constructed in your own time. The workshop will also give a crash course in jewellery making to ensure you are all prepared to complete your Tatty Devine V&A inspired piece!