From Pagan to Christian: The Arts of Medieval Europe 300-800

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Explore Medieval art and history in this 12-week course. Chart the dramatic changes of this turbulent period which witnessed the rise of Christianity and the disintegration of the Western Roman Empire; from the Arch of Constantine to Hagia Sophia and Sutton Hoo.

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Portrait of Course Director Sally Dormer

Course Director
Sally Dormer

Dr Sally Dormer is a specialist medieval art historian with an M.A. in Medieval Art History and Ph.D. on Medieval illuminated manuscripts from the Courtauld Institute, London University. Sally has taught for the Art Fund, the Arts Society, Art Pursuits, London Art History Society, Swan Hellenic, Gresham College.

Sally and her team of speakers are excellent and instil a love and understanding of the objects they cover Previous V&A Academy student on Sally's Pagan to Christian course.

Course overview

Delve into the early 4th-century when the Edict of Milan granted Christianity toleration in 313 and catalysed the Church to commission glorious purpose-built churches and furnishings. Explore the Byzantine Empire’s visual arts, where theology combined with influence from Antiquity and neighbouring states, to forge a distinctive aesthetic. Discover how Islam’s dramatic early 7th-century rise provoked Iconoclasm (726-843), which saw the destruction of figurative holy images in the Byzantine world, and forced artists to migrate west, effecting cultural exchange. The Western Roman Empire’s late 5th-century demise resulted in a transfer of power to initially peripatetic, illiterate, and pagan, and subsequently, settled, literate, and Christian peoples, including the Franks, Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Lombards, and Anglo-Saxons. Become expert at analysing their buildings and artefacts which demonstrate recognisable regional styles, complex intellectual agendas, and considerable technical skill. By 800 change was in the air as Charlemagne, king of the Franks, sought to recreate the glories of the Roman Empire in the West.


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Online course: From Pagan to Christian: The Arts of Medieval Europe 300-800

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