Studio MICAT, There Project and Proud Studio present an installation exploring degrowth and life beyond consumerism

+44 (0)20 7942 2000
  • Saturday, 14 – Sunday, 22 September 2019

  • The Sackler Courtyard

  • Free event

Non-Pavilion photo

Exploring issues of over-consumption, the Non-Pavilion creates a space in its most minimal sense, inviting visitors to engage with the idea of ‘less’ as an enrichment rather than a loss. Drawing on the beauty and simplicity of Swiss Baugespanne – the poles, rods and wires erected to help the public visualise the impact of a proposed development – the minimalist structure serves as a symbol of our need to produce less and instead engages audiences through digital activations. Using Augmented Reality technology, the installation will come to life through a series of digital pavilions by Leon Chew, Arne Hendriks, Leo Murray, LucienneRoberts+, Michael Schoner and Radical Norms, aiming to challenge society’s over-consumerism and consumption.

All have responded to a brief asking: can design facilitate a change in mindsets away from consumerism and the mantra of economic growth? Can design help identify and promote values fit for the 21st century and advance a sustainable, prosperous and fulfilling human existence?

A one-day public programme on Sunday 22nd September, in partnership with the V&A’s Exhibition Road Day of Design, invites festival visitors to join in debate and activities that introduce and contextualise the concept of degrowth.

Installation design by Studio MiCat, There Project and Proud Studio with Graphic design by LucienneRoberts+

Supported by Entuitive

Part of London Design Festival at the V&A