Light Sgraffito

+44 (0)20 7942 2000
  • Friday, 30 June – Saturday, 8 July 2017

  • The Sackler Courtyard

  • Free event

See the historic façades surrounding the new Sackler Courtyard transformed as Ron Arad, Zandra Rhodes, Jonathan Barnbrook, Greenaway & Greenaway, Toru Ishii, and Leyla Reynolds ‘draw with light’ on the Museum’s walls, as part of an evening illumination cycle.

Sgraffito was a Renaissance-style of wall decoration, drawing in plaster by scraping through different coloured layers, and a major Sgraffito façade of the historic building will be revealed for the first time with the opening of the V&A Exhibition Road Quarter. Taking this unique type of decoration as inspiration, six artists and designers affiliated with the V&A will ‘draw with light’ to transform the historic Museum façades surrounding the new Sackler Courtyard. Part of an evening illumination cycle realised by Greenaway & Greenaway in collaboration with the V&A, the artworks will reference the V&A and its many collections.

Light Sgraffito is a street-facing artwork that you are invited to view from Exhibition Road.

As Light Sgraffito is a nighttime façade illumination if it is a bright day visibility will be best from 22.00.

Part of REVEAL, a week-long festival celebrating the Museum's architecture, heritage and history.