Make a Clay Pot: An Introduction to Ceramics

Join artist Charlie Brookes for a hands-on workshop introducing the basic principles of how to make ceramics.

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Past Event
Make a Clay Pot: An Introduction to Ceramics photo

In this workshop, artist Charlie Brookes will teach you how to make a clay pot through hand-building skills and throwing on a potter’s wheel.

You will have the opportunity to play, craft your own design and learn about ceramic objects in the V&A collection.

We’ll fire and glaze your pots to collect and take home at a later date.

This workshop is for Young People aged 13-17.

Please get a parent or guardian to download the brochure on this page (located above the "Book Now" button) and email the completed form to before the event.

Two and a half hour sessions, at 10.30-13.00 and 14.00-16.30, will take place on Saturday 27 February.
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