Sacred Geometry

A unique, glowing glass forest by Rony Plesl that draws inspiration from fire and wood.

+44 (0)20 7942 2000
  • Saturday, 14 – Sunday, 22 September 2019

  • Medieval & Renaissance, Room 50b

  • Free event

Sacred Geometry photo

Rony Plesl's unique glass installation draws inspiration from fire and wood – key components of glass making - and from the idea of Sacred Geometry, a universal language organising all visible and invisible reality according to basic geometrical principles.

The hexagonal glass tree trunks are an artistic expression of this system. Two identical branches – ‘twins’ – are a continuation of the trunks and manifest an attempt at creation from the same principles in an identical environment. Made of uranium glass they emanate an other-worldly green fluorescent light.

Large glass pieces were made in cooperation with American philanthropist Trish Duggan and are possible to produce only thanks to a new ground-breaking glass technology of mold melted glass developed by the Czech company Bolety, which exclusively cooperates with Plesl. London Design Festival and the V&A will host the international premiere of this technology. This new technology enables casting of all 3D objects without any limitations in regards to design or form, giving cast glass the same possibilities as bronze for example. It provides glass designers with an opportunity to work outside the previous parameters of having one solid surface on the casted object.

This glowing glass forest, located in the Medieval and Renaissance galleries, also reflects on the history of Czech glass, which is richly represented in the V&A’s collection, whilst adding a new chapter to the tradition.

Supported by Bolety and Trish Duggan, with further support from The Czech Embassy in London, Czech Centre London and Techo.

Part of London Design Festival 2019.