Workshops Past event Saturday, 25 January 2020

iPad Sketching: Cars

Come and learn about the process of car design and sketch your own using an iPad!

  • Digital Studio SC, V&A South Kensington

  • Tickets cost £80.00 - £100.00

Past Event
iPad Sketching: Cars photo

Join us for this unique hands-on workshop inspired by the exhibition Cars: Accelerating the Modern World and discover trends in car design while learning how to sketch your own. Discover the car design process and how to control lines using an iPad with an Apple Pencil. Use one of our iPads or bring your own! We’ll be learning how to draw and control a line, from doodling to exploring perspective drawings with shading and basic forms. Drive your car design to life during this one day crash course. Suitable for beginners, students and all above 18.

Led by vehicle designer Frederik Vanden Borre

Background image: Frederik Vanden Borre