Past Exhibition Ran from 16 December 2021 to 9 January 2022

Prix Pictet 2021: Fire

The world's leading prize for photography and sustainability

This exhibition is now closed at V&A South Kensington

In its ninth cycle, 2021's prize theme was 'Fire'. Drawing on major global events and personal experiences as inspiration, the thirteen shortlisted photographers had their work exhibited in the V&A's Porter Gallery.

Exhibition Highlights

Girl sat on father's lap in a busy space with other children and parents. She wears a purple top and has burns to her neck
Ragini Kumari on her journey to Dr Subodh Singh’s clinic in Varanasi, India, by Brent Stirton, from the series 'Burns Capital of The World', 2013, India. © Brent Stirton, Getty Images
Collage of a screaming face, surrounded by yellow leaves. The right eye is partially burnt and on fire. Smoke covers the face
Untitled (Burning II), by Christian Marclay, from the series 'Fire', 2020. © Christian Marclay, Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco; White Cube, London
Collage of a black and white hand holding a match, and orange and yellow flames.
Fire, by Carla Rippey, 2010, from the series 'Immolation', 2009 – 2019. © Carla Rippey
Layered iridescent green/yellow. Flows into light and dark blue pool with yellow and bubble detail. Pink and dark blue bottom
Untitled, by Daisuke Yokota, from the series 'Matter / Burnt Out', 2016. © Daisuke Yokota
Man stood up with arched back, bent knees, and arms in front crossed at the wrist. Gradated sunset background: blue – pink
Ghoul, self portrait, by David Uzochukwu, 2019, from the series 'In the Wake', 2015 – 2020. © David Uzochukwu, Galerie Number 8, Brussels
Person wearing black plastic & horns, holding metal pole with electrical wires on fire at end. Surrounded by electrical waste
Untitled #11 Agbogbloshie, by Fabrice Monteiro, 2016, from the series 'The Prophecy', 2013 – 2020. © Fabrice Monteiro, ADAGP
Postcard saying 'WONDERFUL BEIRUT'. Coastline and buildings in the background, with cracks and bubbling green 'damage'
WONDER BEIRUT, The Story of a Pyromaniac Photographer 1998 – 2006, by Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige. © Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige, Situ Fabienne Leclerc, Paris, The Third Line, Dubai
Silhouette of a woman carrying a child and an IV drip, surrounded by smoke
My aunt carried her sick son to leave a hospital, by Mak Remissa, from the series 'Left 3 Days', 2014. © Mak Remissa
Black and white photo of barren landscape and burnt trees with no leaves. Mountains are in the background
Tujunga Fire #1, by Mark Ruwedel, 2018, from the series 'LA Fires', 2017 – 2020. © Mark Ruwedel, Gallery Luisotti, Los Angeles; Large Glass, London
People in a crowd watching fireworks go off. The sky is blue and the people look slightly blurry
Untitled, by Rinko Kawauchi, 2001, from the series 'Hanabi'. © Rinko Kawauchi
Dark photograph in black and off-green, showing silhouettes of trees
Blackwater 30, by Sally Mann, from the series 'Blackwater', 2008 – 2012. © Sally Mann, Gagosian
Black and white photograph of flowers
Pendant (1943/2021), by Lisa Oppenheim, from the series 'Smoke', 2021. © Lisa Oppenheim and The Approach

Past Events

Background image: Fire, by Carla Rippey, 2010, from the series 'Immolation', 2009 – 2010. © Carla Rippey