Past Display Ran from 9 July 2018 to 7 January 2019

Visual Feast

Silvia Weidenbach served up her cutting-edge jewellery, placing it among the delectable delights from the Gilbert Collection.

Inspired by the intricacy and opulence of the historic collection, Weidenbach melds digital design, 3D printing and traditional silversmithing techniques to create exuberant jewellery that demands attention, creating her own visual feast.

Display Highlights

Another White Night, brooch, Silvia Weidenbach, 2012, UK. © Silvia Weidenbach

Floral Bust, brooch, Silvia Weidenbach, 2017, UK. © Silvia Weidenbach

Rendered Mockup, box, Silvia Weidenbach, 2018, UK. © Silvia Weidenbach

Still from Visual Feast, digital video, Jon Emmony, 2018, UK. © Jon Emmony

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