Conservation & Collections Care Technicians Diploma

This work-based diploma covers the wide range of skills and knowledge required to work as a technician with museum collections, historic artefacts and works of art.

Whether you are moving a steam engine or a 15th-century Venetian glass, the questions you ask as you begin to plan your move will be the same. This award will help you show you have the skills to undertake this work, safely and effectively, for yourself, your colleagues and the objects you are responsible for, right across the full range of materials you might encounter.

Sue Ridley, Director of Conservation and Collections Management

The role of a technician working within the cultural, heritage and creative industries is enormously varied. Specialist knowledge of objects is required in order to move, install, pack and transport them safely and effectively. Technicians assist conservators working on objects. They also design and make mounts and fixings for objects. This work-based level 4 diploma, developed jointly by the V&A and Icon, covers the wide range of skills and knowledge required to work as a technician with museum collections, historic artefacts and works of art.

A varied and continually developing field, conservation requires people with a wide range of skills and knowledge, including practical craft skills, judgement and ethics. Icon supports this qualification as an entry route for anyone wanting to start a career in conservation.

Alison Richmond, Chief Executive, Icon

Having successfully completed the diploma you will have built an e-portfolio that demonstrates strong evidence of your professional skills, underwritten by well qualified, experienced practitioners in the field. This will be recognised as representing a standard expected by the V&A and other national agencies.

The Diploma is flexible in structure and enables you to tailor the qualification to reflect you and your role in the workplace. You will need the support of your employers or clients as well as opportunities in your workplace both to learn and to demonstrate your learning. You must achieve a total of 65 credits by undertaking a combination of mandatory, core and optional units. Examples of the units in the Diploma include ‘Judgement and Ethics,’ ‘Handle and Care for Cultural Heritage During Conservation,’ and ‘Advanced Object Packing and Transport’.

How much does the diploma cost?

UK publically funded & charities: £3,000 + VAT
UK non-publically funded: £6,000 + VAT
International: £12,000 + VAT

How to apply

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