Culture in Crisis

The V&A is an international organisation with collections from around the globe. We are committed to protecting the world's cultural heritage and supporting communities that suffer cultural loss, whether through conflict, criminal acts or the impacts of the climate crisis. Our Culture in Crisis programme brings together those with a shared interest in protecting cultural heritage, providing a forum for sharing information, inspiring and supporting action and raising public awareness.

We understand the impact of cultural heritage loss on communities and the contrasting positive role its preservation can have in rebuilding and recovering these areas following wars and disasters. As such we aim to encourage a cross-disciplinary approach, raising public awareness and working with organisations from a variety of backgrounds to take a holistic approach to the protection of heritage in all its forms.

We also work closely to support law-enforcement, nationally and internationally, and the British Armed forces to develop strategies to prevent the illicit trade of cultural goods.

The Culture in Crisis Portal

Since its launch in December 2019, the Culture in Crisis Portal has rapidly grown to become the world’s largest and most accessible database of heritage protection projects from around the globe. The free digital resource enables users to quickly and easily register their heritage preservation projects, as well as providing an intelligent search feature to explore listings already in existence.

Together we can use the Portal to learn from each other, share experiences and work to protect the world’s cultural heritage.

Culture in Crisis Conversations

Commencing in 2020 and returning in 2021, The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, the British Council and the V&A's Culture in Crisis Programme have convened an annual series of webinar events, under the banner of 'Culture in Crisis Conversations'. These digital events examine how the experiences of recent years have encouraged cultural organisations across the globe to adapt and transform in the face of global challenges and new opportunities; looking to build a future that is more sustainable, equitable and ecological.

Culture in Crisis podcast

The Culture in Crisis Podcast brings together important voices in the field of heritage preservation to share their unique experiences and insights. Topics include designed solutions to threats facing cultural heritage, and the ongoing fight against the illicit trade of cultural property.


Over the years, the Culture in Crisis Programme has convened a number of major international conferences, bringing together an interdisciplinary field of global professionals to discuss key issues and debates relating to the protection of heritage. These meetings afford us the opportunity to 'think big' about emerging questions within the field and bring voices together to promote collaborative working, both within and beyond the heritage sector.


Our events series of talks and seminars bring together artists, designers, heritage workers, activists and many others to discuss cultural heritage preservation issues in relation to their own practices. Providing a dynamic and responsive platform to open up dialogue on these important and pressing issues, we invite you to join the conversation by attending one of our monthly free events.