National Art Library inter-library loans

The National Art Library (NAL) is part of the Inter-Library Loans (ILL) community, which is committed to the co-operation of libraries in sharing resources. Our Library Catalogue is available online and is also available via Library Hub Discover.

  • We are unable to lend any of the items in our collections
  • We can supply digital scans or downloads, as appropriate, to outside institutions where the request complies with our copying restrictions (10% or one chapter or article) and current UK copyright law. For out of copyright works we set a limit of 50 pages per request, but you may receive a copy of the item in its entirety through multiple requests.
  • UK Institutions: To order ILL copies from us you need to have a British Library On Demand business account. Please email us at: with the details of your request along with your customer code and an allocated 'reference request number' per item requested.
  • Non-UK Institutions: If you do not have a British Library On Demand business account (minimum of 100 orders per year required), requests for copies will be treated as Copying orders. For further information, visit National Art Library Copying Services. A separate scheme of charges applies to this service. A quote will be provided and an invoice will be sent to you for payment in pounds sterling. We do not accept IFLA vouchers or cheques in foreign currency.
  • The National Art Library charges for ILL in line with current British Library On Demand Prices. Please note that the NAL only offers the standard delivery options (electronic and mail).
  • Members of the public: We do not offer an Inter-Library Loan service (for material held by other libraries) to our readers. You may be able to get what you need using the British Library On Demand service. You will need to register for a personal, pay-as-you-go account. Digital scans of material held in the National Art Library can be ordered through the National Art Library Copying service. A separate scheme of charges applies to this service.
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(Detail), Book, The second jungle book, by Rudyard Kipling, with decorations by J. Lockwood Kipling, 1895, England. Museum no. 38041005058706. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London