Dawn Hoskin

Title: Assistant Curator
Department: Furniture, Textiles & Fashion

I am an Assistant Curator working on the development of the new Europe 1600-1800 Galleries. My interests are wide-ranging but subjects I have particularly enjoyed exploring for this project include: European depictions of Africa and Africans; Dutch domestic interiors; early ballooning; the gambling halls of 18th-century Venice; the fashion for singeries (depictions of monkeys apeing human behaviour!); wig-making and hairdressing. My 'favourite' object going into the new Europe Galleries changes on an almost daily basis ... I am also Co-Chair of the V&A's LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) Group.

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The Rejected Divorce Gift & The Egyptian Pharaoh

To return to Napoleon’s marital affairs, today I’d like to introduce a great example of French porcelain from the Empire Period, that was part of a divorce gift rejected by Empress Josephine. This dinner plate will feature in a display demonstrating how Napoleon made the decorative and fine arts central to his new image and how […]

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Mini-Museum of Cardboard Curiosities

Over the past months a small museum of sorts has developed on the shelf behind my desk. The objects can’t really be described as examples of incredible craftsmanship, but they have proven to be extremely valuable in developing our displays. Nestled alongside my glamorous helmet and safety boots (needed for visiting the galleries whilst under-construction) are […]

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We Have Fans … Boxes, Canes & Eclairs(!)

        ‘Fans can express desires, at times even speak themselves; and what beauty does a fan give in the hands of a Lady who knows to employ it fitly! It can wind like a snake, flutter, point, unfurl, move up and down, according to the situation and circumstances.’   Louis-Antoine Caraccioli, 1757 […]

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What is LGBT History Month?

This year was the 10th anniversary of LGBT History Month and so we were particularly pleased to have been able to have programme two such successful events to mark this. I realise that not everyone reading this blog may be familiar with concept of LGBT History Month (or indeed its own history), so today I […]

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LGBT History Month 2015

So the after the party, not only did we have to help clean up but we also had to be back in the Museum bright and cheery the next morning, ready for our annual afternoon of events to mark LGBT History Month. This wasn’t too difficult a task though, as we were excited for the day […]

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A Marriage, a Medal & a Painter

With the Wedding Dresses exhibition about to close, this seems an apt time to draw attention to a medal going into the Europe Galleries, struck to celebrate an important marriage 205 years ago. This bronze medal celebrates Napoleon’s second marriage to Marie Louise, daughter of Francis I of Austria, in 1810 (following Napoleon’s divorce from […]

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Queer & Wow!

It’s hard to believe that a whole week has already gone past since our evening of being so Queer & Now in the Museum! At this time last week we were excitedly dashing around the Museum, greeting artists and performers as they arrived; checking that all equipment was safely set-up; making sure that everyone knew what was […]

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The Ballet of Apollo (plus some incredible costumes!)

Today in 1621 the Ballet d’Apollon (Ballet of Apollo), also known as the Ballet du Roy (the King’s Ballet), was first performed by the Ballet de Cour of Louis XIII. This costume design for role of Apollo the Shepherd in the Ballet d’Apollon will feature in the Europe Galleries’ Music display. The costume consists of a […]

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queer and now

Queer and Now!

And so with another unashamedly promotional post, I am back to announce that the line-up for this month’s Friday Late has now been made public! From the fringes of the underground to the drag divas taking over the mainstream, this is a world where pretty much anything can be ‘queered’. Join us as we turn a […]

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Denton Welch by Gerald McKenzie Leet, 1935

LGBT History Month Event Programme Announced

We are excited to be able to announce that the programme for this years afternoon of free events to mark LGBT History Month is now fully confirmed and up online! LGBT_History_Month_2015_programme All of the events are free and no booking is required. The treats in store for Saturday 28th are as follows:   Man? Or […]

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