Dawn Hoskin

Title: Assistant Curator
Department: Furniture, Textiles & Fashion

I am an Assistant Curator working on the development of the new Europe 1600-1800 Galleries. My interests are wide-ranging but subjects I have particularly enjoyed exploring for this project include: European depictions of Africa and Africans; Dutch domestic interiors; early ballooning; the gambling halls of 18th-century Venice; the fashion for singeries (depictions of monkeys apeing human behaviour!); wig-making and hairdressing. My 'favourite' object going into the new Europe Galleries changes on an almost daily basis ... I am also Co-Chair of the V&A's LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) Group.

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Speaking Out – Details from Speakers Corner

The Speakers Corner at the Out for Revolution Friday Late raised the question of: How far have we come in the fight for equality and what are the issues facing the global LGBTQ community now? Visitors were able to hear how a variety of activists continue to challenge contemporary laws and social issues – and […]

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Moose on the Loose – ‘Trans*hapticality’ (17th March 2017)

Next month we are happy to be hosting an event as part of the wonderfully titled Moose on the Loose Research Biennale program. Moose on the Loose is led by Dr Sara Davidmann from London College of Communication and is a collaboration with the UAL Photography and the Archive Research Centre (PARC) at LCC.  Some of you […]

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Out for Revolution! – Friday Late (27th January 2017)

As many of you will be aware, 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality. But how far have we come in the fight for equality?This month’s Friday Late aims to consider this question, under the rubric ‘Out for Revolution’. We have been excitedly putting together the programme over the past few […]

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A history of gay and lesbian cinema in 10 films (16th February 2017)

Thursday 16th February 2017 (18:30 – 20:30), British Academy As usual February is shaping up to be a busy (yet fun!) month for the LGBTQ Working Group. In addition to the upcoming events I’ve recently posted about, I am pleased to announce that Thursday 16th February will see our first collaboration with The British Academy. ‘A […]

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OUTing the Past (10th February 2017)

Friday 10th February 2017 (18:00 – 21:00) We are pleased to announce that on the 10th February 2017 we will again be one of the national hubs for OUTing the Past: The National Festival of LGBT History. PLEASE NOTE: Due to a technical issue, this event does not appear on the Museum’s What’s On page but […]

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Clemence Dane: The Invisible Woman (1st February 2017)

Clemence Dane is the ‘invisible woman’ of British 20th century culture: a prolific and popular writer and artist, described by her great friend Noel Coward as ‘a wonderful unique mixture of artist, writer, games mistress, poet and egomaniac.’ Yet her name and achievements are almost forgotten today: she was the first British woman screenwriter ever […]

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EVENT: Following in the Footsteps of Vernon Lee

Sunday 20th November 2016                                                                                                       […]

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Bringing Innovation

The Out in the Museum blog may have appeared rather quiet of late but that doesn’t mean all has been ‘quiet on the queer front’ here at the Museum. As today marks the official start of autumn, now seems an apt time to start reflecting on what has been a full summer of LGBTQ-related work, play […]

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Marching with Pride: Nickos

Today Nickos, the Museum’s Registrar, shares with us some of his thoughts about marching as part of Pride in London. ‘I haven’t marched for Pride for several years but as this is the first time museum and gallery employees will have a place, I had intended to do so before the Orlando killings. This horrific event though left […]

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Worn with Pride: Edward Carpenter ‘person of note’

My fellow LGBTQ Working Group Co-Chair chose to adorne his Pride t-shirt with a portrait of Edward Carpenter (1844 – 1929), a socialist writer and campaigner for homosexual equality. Zorian said he opted for this portrait from the V&A collection as he considers Carpenter such an inspirational trailblazer and an example of someone with an impressively ‘out […]

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