Handing Over the Gallery Space

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August 23, 2013

Since decanting the galleries in 2011, we have made practical use of the emptied gallery spaces for many mock-ups (see previous post). Others within the museum have also found it a useful (and inspirational) space – as shown by the galleries’ metamorphosis into a set for a sci-film by artist in residence Hayley Nebauer!

©Air the Film Ltd

©Air the Film Ltd. For more information on the project see: http://www.thehybridproject.com/index.html

The time has now come for us to hand over officially the galleries to the contractors who will be undertaking the huge task of creating the redesigned gallery spaces. The area is now officially classified as a ‘worksite’. Last week I made a point of taking a plethora of photographs of the space before we temporarily say goodbye to it. I’m really looking forward to being able to compare them to the same space this time next year!

Here is a brief sample of their current appearance.

How would you adapt them to create your idea of a perfect gallery space?

Gallery 7

What will be the first view for visitors entering from the Museum’s main entrance.

Gallery 7: looking along from the main entranceWhere visitors will enter from the Museum’s main entrance

Gallery 6: The Cabinet

Gallery 6: looking out to Gallery 5

Gallery 5

Here you can see evidence of some of our experiments with colours that could be used for the gallery walls (final decisions should be made by December this year)

Gallery 5: looking towards Gallery 4Gallery 5: looking towards Gallery 6

Gallery 4: The Salon

Gallery 4 (looking rather grubby)Gallery 4: looking out into Gallery 3

Gallery 3

On the left you can see a few remaining pieces of the set for the sci-fi film. Again, there are some colour sample tests still visible on the wall.

Gallery 3: looking back to Gallery 4

Gallery 2a: The Masquerade

This area is currently ‘Plant Room’ space and so will be a newly claimed addition to the galleries. The array of pipes, dials and silver foil can conjure up visions of characters from Doctor Who – making the decision to film part of a sci-fi film down here quite understandable.

Gallery 2A: The gallery that does not yet exist!Gallery 2A: Sci-fi inspiration

Gallery 2

Gallery 2

Gallery 2

Gallery 1

Gallery 1: Looking towards the subway entrance

Gallery 1: The view from what will be the Museum’s revamped subway entrance

In the meantime, we continue with our contextual research of historic events, concepts, themes, personalities, places, artists, makers, styles and materials. Specific research into all of the selected museum objects also continues, as curators expand object catalogue entries and consider how they may best be interpreted for visitors.

Additional activities taking place include: conservators assessing the condition and display requirements of objects; the photography of all objects; the development of interpretation, films and Activity Areas; the production of a publication to compliment the galleries and much, much more. All of which will provide plentiful content for future blog updates.

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Furniture, Textiles & Fashion
August 23, 2013

I am an Assistant Curator working on the development of the new Europe 1600-1800 Galleries. My interests are wide-ranging but subjects I have particularly enjoyed exploring for this project include:...

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