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March 17, 2020

Updated 11 May 2020

For the safety of our staff and visitors, the V&A is temporarily closed.

Although we can’t welcome you in person, we can bring the V&A experience to you at home. From creative fun for children, to exclusive videos; we are updating our website, blog and social channels daily – and don’t forget, you can still go behind-the-scenes with the six-part BBC series Secrets of the Museum on iPlayer.

We look forward to re-opening and are working hard (from home) to bring you an exciting and inspiring programme of exhibitions and displays. We continue to review when we can reopen, in line with the latest government advice and guidelines, and will update our members, subscribers and social followers as soon as we can confirm our plans.

Your tickets

If you have purchased tickets for events or exhibitions that have been cancelled or postponed, our ticketing team will have already been in touch with you. If you haven’t heard anything or have any other question about tickets please contact us at

Unfortunately we are not currently contactable by phone, but our ticketing team will respond to all email enquiries.


If you have any questions about your membership, renewals or you would like to buy a new membership, please contact the team at

Support the V&A

As a charity, the generosity of our supporters is vital to support our world-class exhibitions, displays and events as well as care for our collections, which are enjoyed by millions for free each year.

Your support is needed now more than ever. If you can help, please make a donation to support the museum.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the museum as soon as we can. If you would like to support the museum and be first in-line for of our forthcoming exhibitions then you can also support us by becoming a member.

While we are closed, stay in touch on social media, here on our blog or go behind-the-scenes in Secrets of the Museum on BBC iPlayer. We will continue to update our website and social media channels with the latest information and advice. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

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We had tickets for the Tim Walker exhibition on Sunday
Do you know what will happen? Should we claim a refund or wait to see if tickets will be honoured o another date?

Frustrating news as I was looking forward to visiting (from Exeter) next week, but I appreciate why it’s a wise move. Will any of the current exhibitions be extended, so visitors don’t miss out?

I have tickets booked for exhibition what will happen about refinds

I understand but am very disappointed. Please extend the current exhibitions!

Disappointing news but inevitable and the health of all V&A workers is your first consideration. I am booked on the Landscape as Art course this weekend. Will this now take place later in the year (hopefully) or will I be given a refund?

I have tickets for exhibitions this Sunday. Is it possible to get a refund on the tickets?

My husband and I have tickets for the Motor exhibition on 24th, please advise regarding refund or extending of the exhibition

Please extend the Tim Walker exhibition!!! Was going to visit tomorrow!

I’m booked to attend the Kimono on Saturday – why is there no information about refunds on the closure announcement?

I have tickets booked for the kimono exhibition for 23 March. What’s happening with exhibitions? Will they be extended and will tickets be transferable?

This is disappointingly slim Information for visitors who like us have planned to visit from some distance for ticketed exhibitions. Please get some information out on rescheduling/refund arrangements.

Will there be refund for tickets? I’m also a member, will membership be extended?

As a member hoping to take my 91 year old Dad to ‘car’ on 08/04 for his late Christmas treat and my birthday lunch, (waiting for improved weather!) please extend the exhibition if you possibly can! Thank every staff member for contributing to one of my fave places on earth.

Thank you for letting us know of the closure .
You are protecting your staff and also those who visit and who intended to visit exhibitions ..
It saddens me to read that people who have bought tickets for displays , who seem to think that there arrangement to travel in near future ,is going to be compromised by your not open ..
Thank you for not opening , our health workers , other service workers are trying there very level best to keep us all safe at a time like this .All our plans are on hold rightly so , I am happy to stay home , so as not to contact the virus , spread it or endanger others who may have to come help me if I was to make journeys can wait …
VA has stood the test of time ,it will open its doors once the situation is resolved ..
In meantime please can every stay home , do your bit to fight this virus ….

I too have tickets to events. However what is bothering me is that for some places/events/museums/galleries other organisations have given a timeframe for their closure (i.e. closed for 2 months to begin with and then we will let you know again) or have stated what will happen to events/tickets i.e. refunds/exhibitions to be rescheduled to be held held later on in the year and tickets moved over to a future date, but the V&A have said a bare minimum of information. How long is their stated “temporary” closure for and what will happen to tickets and exhibitions currently booked. I’m not impressed of pleased with this ridiculously minuscule amount of info they have given out.

Please can the V &A clarify situation regarding whether there will be an extension of Kimono exhibition or if refunds will be given due to the indefinite period of necessary closure. As a ticket holder, an email would have been appreciated and courteous. I received a timely communication from the RA. Thank you

I fully understand.

Would you be able to manage to film some virtual tours in time?

Say Lucie Rie’s reconstructed studio or the amazingly massive and detailed Ardabil carpet, without endangering your wonderful staff, of course.

kind regards


Unfortunately I was expecting this but am still gutted. My Dad and I were meant to be attending the ‘in pastures green’ lecture next week, will this be rescheduled?
I’d also like to know if the Tim Walker exhibition will be extended?

I agree with Jennifer that it’s sad that some comments are so critical. We’re all having to deal with an unprecedented situation. Please be kind and patient. We don’t know how long this situation will continue. I’m sure the V&A will be looking to update their announcement today and provide more details on refunds, whether exhibitions will be extended, membership refunds etc. The V&A are a fabulous organisation that deserves our support.

This is sad news but unfortunately expected in the current climate. I have tickets for the kimono exhibition next Saturday. Can you advise how refunds will be handled as we are unable to attend any future date. Many thanks

Understandable, and well done for protecting your staff. Hope all at the V&A are in good health.
Like many others, I had tickets booked for the Tim Walker exhibition, and would appreciate further information on whether the dates will be extended, or whether tickets will be refunded, etc.

Thank you for your good thoughts – information about refunds and exchanges for events and exhibitions will be available soon.

Hi, I had a much anticipated trip to London booked for this weekend (cancelled by the operator) to see the Kimono Exhibition, and wanted to use my V&A membership card. The card expires at the end of May – can you put the cards period of validity on ‘pause’ from today so I can use it at a later date – along with the voucher I have to re-book my trip?

I feel sad that so many comments here ,do not seem to appreciate that the V&A is closing, as the majority of other buildings are, for ours, and their staffs safety. Im sure they will be clarifying things as soon as they can.
In the meantime, why not enjoy the excellent programs the BBC are showing about the V&A, and look forward to when they will be open again.

Well done the V and A for always giving us such superb exhibitions and glad that you are looking after your staff and the public by closing. Wishing you all the best and when the darkness goes, we all know that you will be opening up to the sunshine as soon as is possible.

The wonderful V&A as always with the public’s enjoyment and welfare at heart. Donate your refunds to keep this amazing National treasure house open in the future. Good luck to all the fantastic staff who work so hard to make this museum what it is.

I certainly want a refund and there is no clarity on how to get this. I would expect the money back no later than the date for which they were booked.

The V&A is my favourite museum, and watching the BBC documentary has given me renewed respect for the hugely valuable role you are playing to preserve those beautiful artefacts for everyone present and future. I’m looking forward to the East London site to open to allow us to see even more of your amazing collections.
I’ve been a Member for two years now, and while I try to make the most of it by going to all the exhibitions, sometimes several times, for me the most important is that I support the work you are doing. This is why I don’t expect – or even want – any extension or refund of my membership as I know you still have running costs, including salaries to pay.

It saddens me to read so many comments are just about getting money back. I understand not everyone can afford it, but if you can, please consider donating your entrance fees to allow this wonderful place to be here in the long run for everyone.

Stay safe xx

I completely understand, and of course this is the right decision for the safety of your staff and the public which must be the primary concern. I am a little surprised that you haven’t communicated to Members? Unless I’ve missed it..

I assume that NAL is also shut – it’s just that I can’t find anything about it. Can you confirm that it’s shut please? I’m appalled by the request for a membership fee refund. Surely if you’re a member you should be supporting the VAM financially, not asking for your money back at a time of crisis.

What is the procedure for a refund? Other places have e mailed me and I just had to click on refund to get one. Not easy to see what to do on this site

Hello Angela – the NAL is also shut. We’ll have other updates as soon as possible.

Hi All difficult times for everyone. I had a ticket for 25th to see the Kimono to Catwalk exhibition. Any further info would be good. Let’s hope we will all be back to some normality some day!

These are difficult and uncertain times and I completely appreciate the work of the V&A. one’s admiration for V&A doesn’t really change the fact that closure was likely inevitable and the organisation had time to prepare contingency plans. So the scanty nature of the information available is disappointing. I would have expected an email (as other galleries, theatres, railway operating companies etc have managed) to give some information about the timescale for refunds and/or rebooking.

First I must say that I’m really sorry about the situation we are all going through. I live in Spain so I started my stay at home two weeks ago. I boutht tikets for Kimono at the Museum in February when visiting Cars. I had bought even flight tickets and booked a hotel for the weekend. Everything has been cancelled so now I am looking forward to finding a solution for refunds.

@Tom Windross, I had tickets to bring my son to the Cars exhibition this weekend. It is due to run until mid-April which is long before this lock-down is due to end. Appreciate that you’re all busy, and none of us know when this is gong to end, so should I just ask for a refund? I was going to ask for 50% back.

Sorry if you’ve not heard from us yet, our Contact Centre are contacting people in order as quickly as they can…

I’m our afraid our contact team are contacting people as quickly as they can – and we’re very grateful for your patience.

I fully understand about the closure of the V&A, unfortunately the trajectory of the coronavirus controls when the museum will be allowed by the government to open again. I fully sympathise with all the staff who must be as frustrated with this situation as I am. I have enrolled on the Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts short course, which is now cancelled. Will you run the course again in the future? Also information regarding refund of fees would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

I have two tickets for Kyoto to Catwalk on 3rd April and have not yet heard any details on whether you are rescheduling the exhibition or issuing refunds. I appreciate that it is difficult to make decisions on re-opening in the current climate but some information on your intentions would be much appreciated.

Hi there

I have been a member of the V&A for several years. & absolutely adore the place. I was wondering however what you are planning to do regarding membership & closure of the museum? So far you haven’t made an announcement. Will you extend annual membership to cover the months the museum is closed so that members do not lose out. Clarification would be welcome. Many thanks.

I had signed up for the Russian Masters Course scheduled to take place from April to June. What are the chances of this course being re-scheduled when the museum reopens? If that is unlikely then I would like a refund. I have not heard from anyone. It is not good enough to simply sit on our money and not at least offer to refund it or give full information as to the situation and our options. The information on the web page and blog is scanty at best.

I can see lots of comments on here as invited by the writer of the blog however no responses! I have booked tickets for the car show for the 17th April and have emailed support about a refund but no reply. We are self employed and need every penny so whilst it may not be much every penny counts. Please confirm when/how we go about arranging a refund and when we will be contacted. I guess people could contact their credit card company if you do not get a response via customer service.

We were booked for the Kimono exhibit this Sunday April 5. We were to be visiting from Canada? How might we obtain a refund? Thank you.

Hello Lindsey – our Contact Centre will be in touch as soon as they can.

I have tickets for the car exhibition for Wednesday 8 April. I haven’t been contacted about a refund. I would be grateful for some information.

As a long-standing V&A Member, I can only echo Jane Hampshire’s comment above.
What is the V&A’s policy regarding Members who have paid for a year’s membership, but are not getting 12 months access to the museum?

I have an annual membership. I assume like Merlin Group, (legololand, chessington etc) you will be extending membership renewals on the same basis which is
2 – 4 weeks of lock down – 1 month extension
4- 8 weeks of lock down – 2 months extension
Check out their website for confirmation

Many thanks

Cherith Simmons

Poor you all at V and A. So much work gone to waste. So much re-arranging, without knowing how or when.
Please keep the money from my tickets for the Ivory and Gold talk on April 8 and the Swimming Pools on April 17.
Is there any chance these two talks could be re-arranged at some point? Not a big deal to do that, I would think?
Stay safe.
Anne Page

I booked travel in February to come to England for the Curiouser and Curiouser Exhibit. I didn’t buy the tickets yet (and I see you cannot purchase them now). So far, BA will not let me change the dates for my flight or refund me. :( I didn’t see the the exhibit listed as cancelled or moved. Will this exhibit still happen?
We should be there for the second week of the opening. I am a big Fan of the story and I will be flying in from California in the US. Please say the exhibit will still happen.

I wish you all safe and well.

I’ve been a long standing V&A member and I am sorry about this difficult situation. But I’d love to know if you will extend existing annual membership? I can also echo Jane Hampshire’s comment on 29th Mar. It’s been a month since her last comment but I don’t seem to find any announcement from you in this regard? Please bear with me if I missed it.

Best wishes to stay well.

I realise you may not know the answer to this question. But, I was wondering if the closure of the V& A Archives and Clothworkers Centre is still likely to go ahead in December 2020? I was hoping to be able to book in to do some research for my PhD before it closed to relocate. As no-one knows when things are going to re-open and if it is still scheduled to close in December I’m now wondering if I’m going to be able to use the V&A for my research project at all. One slightly panicked PhD student!

Will the Kimono exhibition be extended ? Your blog seemed to have ended in March ?

I’m afraid I don’t know about the Archives or Clothworkers Centre – but I will try to find out for you.

Thank you for your response about the Archives or Clothworkers Centre. I’m hoping for more news soon.

Thanks for your update. The V&A is one of my favorite museums of all time. It’s good to know you’re doing the right thing by your staff and for the public good.
Is there any update on whether the Alice in Wonderland exhibition will go ahead as planned, be cancelled or be postponed?

I assumed that the annual memberships would automatically freeze just like my gym & other memberships have but having had a look I can’t see any information to say it has?

Can you confirm?

Thanks Karyn

Please could you extend the Membership for the equivalent amount of months that you have, unfortunately, been closed. I have not received any information about this so far but this gesture would be greatly received.

Will the remaining week left on my membership plus one be valid when you re-open? Do you know if the wonderful kimono exhibition will continue on? It was the best exhibition ever /hoped to see it again.

Will you be extending the dates of the annual membership.? I look forward to your reopening.

I took out membership the weekend before you closed due to Covid 19. I am so pleased to be a member but it would be great if the start date of my membership could be delayed until you reopen. Is that possible and when are you planning to reopen?
Thank you

I’m sorry I realise that COVID was completely unexpected but the V&A’s wall of deafening silence is starting to really grate – a message or update on your main page, something for members who have been patient to explain what is happening with memberships – anything! An institution as large as the V&A can surely provide an update??

The reason for radio silence is that they are not extending memberships unlike Tate etc.
I know who will be getting our renewal and legacies….
Shame on you V&A

My membership expired in September and was bought for me as a retirement present
Had thought you would at least given me an extra 3 months extension to it due to the closure
Comments please

My membership expired on 30th September and between Covid quarantines and closures and all else it has hardly been used.
I always look forward to your Exhibitions.
I completely support your closure for the health and safety of your staff and indeed visitors and I’m writing now to check if, like other museums and galleries, you have an extension plan in place for those most effected by the closures within the closure periods.
I have not received any emails or been contacted at all on the subject.
Thanks so much and kind wishes,

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