Digital Art & Design

From early computer generated drawings and algorithmic art to personal organisers and the mosquito emoji, the V&A holds more than 3,000 digital art and design objects dating from the 1950s to the present. Including works created by individuals through to large-scale corporations, the collection explores the interplay between art, design and technology, and how they shape how we live together.

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Highlights include the 1974 'Structures of Square' computer plotter drawing by Vera Molnár, the first navigable virtual environment produced in the 1970s by David Em for NASA, Apple's stylish iMac G3 designed in 1998 by Jonathan Ive, and WeChat's Bubble pup GIF stickers from 2015 made by Tencent Technology.


Header image:

'Approach', by David Em, colour photograph, computer-generated, 1975, Sierra Madre, United States