Rooms 133 – 135, The Dr Susan Weber Gallery

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The V&A has been collecting furniture and woodwork for over 150 years. This diverse collection is unrivalled for breadth and quality, spanning over six centuries of British and international furniture production – from Japanese lacquer and furniture from the 1851 Great Exhibition, to innovative contemporary design.

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Examples from East Asia, South Asia and the Islamic Middle East sit alongside more than 14,000 pieces made in the West, from moveable furniture and clocks to musical instruments, plastic and leatherwork, and fragments of architectural woodwork both large and small. Highlights include the Great Bed of Ware (about 1590), Ranjit Singh's golden throne (1820 – 30) and the magnificent carved and gilded interior of the Norfolk House Music Room (1748 – 1756).

Collection Highlights

throne chair
Maharaja Ranjit Singh's throne, throne chair, made by Hafiz Muhammad Multani, 1805 – 10, Lahore
cassone chest
Cassone chest, about 1488, Mantua, Italy
Screen, designed by Eileen Gray, 1923, Paris, France
Materialized Sketch, 3D-printed chair, designed by Front Design, printed by Alphaform, 2005, Stockholm, Sweden
The Yatman Cabinet, designed by William Burges, painted by Edward John Poynter, made by Harland and Fisher, 1858, London, England
storage unit
ESU 421-C, storage unit, designed by Charles & Ray Eames for Herman Miller Furniture Co., 1949 – 50, US
console table
Chiswick table, console table, designed by William Kent, made by John Boson, 1727 – 32, London, England
The Great Bed of Ware, designed by Hans Vredeman de Vries, 1590 – 1600, Ware, England
Garden Egg Chair, designed by Peter Ghyczy, manufactured by Elastogran GmbH, 1968, Germany
medal cabinet
Medal cabinet, designed by Charles Percier, made by Martin Guillaume Biennais, about 1810, Paris, France
bell cittern
(Back) Bell cittern, by Joachim Thielke, about 1700, Hamburg, Germany


Background image: Background image: Fauteuil Transatlantique chair, Eileen Gray, 1925 – 30, reupholstered in the 1960s, France. Museum no. Circ.578-1971. Given by the designer. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London