Tracy Chevalier – The Glassmaker (Livestream)

Join bestselling author Tracy Chevalier as she launches her latest novel, the spellbinding story of a woman and city as everlasting as the glass they make.

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  • Monday, 16 September 2024

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Tracy Chevalier – The Glassmaker (Livestream) photo
Bestselling novelist Tracy Chevalier is known for her blend of historical research with intimately imagined characters, often set in the creative worlds of art and craft. Join her in conversation with arts and literary journalist Rosie Goldsmith, as she launches her newest work, The Glassmaker, turning her attention to the mesmerising skill of glassmaking. 
Set on the island of Murano, across the lagoon from Venice, this inventive new work paints a captivating picture of the life of Orsola Rosso as she hones her craft – often in secret, in a time when women are not meant to work with glass. Skipping like a stone through the centuries, on an island where time flows at its own separate pace, the book explores themes of tragedy and triumph over the years, and the power of working towards perfecting one’s craft. 
This talk will be held on Zoom and all ticketholders will receive a link to view the morning of the event. It will also be recorded for ticketholders not able to join live.