Talk Thursday, 4 February 2021

Online Panel: Artist. Scientist. Woman.

Join four extraordinarily versatile women in conversation with author Waqās Ahmed to explore the hidden connections between art and science.

  • Thursday, 4 February 2021

  • Online, V&A South Kensington

  • Tickets cost £5.00


Online Panel: Artist. Scientist. Woman. photo

Art and science are too often seen as opposite domains. In a hyper-specialised world, it seems impossible to break the silos and bridge the gaps. Some, however, do excel at both science and art, showing us that one can often be used as a vehicle to produce unique insights into the other. Increasingly, this breed of accomplished artist-scientist are women. As part of the Polymath Festival, 21st century Renaissance man Waqās Ahmed explores the creative processes, research methods and career trajectories of an exceptionally multi-talented panel:
• Dr Merritt Moore, a Harvard and Oxford-trained physicist, professional ballerina and prospective astronaut
• Dr Jasmine Pradissitto a quantum physicist and visual artist who explores ethics and the environment
• Stephanie Hill, a model (Miss England), singer (The Voice), ballroom dancer and budding cancer research scientist
• Dr Shama Rahman, a musician, performer, actress and complexity scientist who explores the neuroscience of creativity

This event will be held online and after booking, you will receive a unique link the morning of the event to access the event online.