Jonathan Olivares: Aluminium Bench

Aluminium Bench is a curved, twelve-metre long bench specially designed for The Sainsbury Gallery by industrial designer Jonathan Olivares, responding to the architecture and installations on display.

+44 (0)20 7942 2000
  • Friday, 30 June – Tuesday, 4 July 2017

  • The Sainsbury Gallery

  • Free event

Jonathan Olivares: Aluminium Bench photo

Aluminium Bench applies architectural manufacturing processes to the scale of furniture. It uses extrusions and a rolling process that metal fabricator Zahner has developed for complex, curvilinear building façades. The bench was designed for Zahner’s web-based software platform ShopFloor, which combines generative algorithms and 3D software—a combination that has advanced architectural manufacturing—and results in a streamlined production of highly individualized shapes. ShopFloor allows the user to determine the curvature, length, and colour of the bench for specific architectural contexts. There is a minimum bend radius of approximately four feet, but beyond that any shape or length bench is possible.

For The Sainsbury Gallery, a curved twelve-metre long bench follows the path taken by visitors through the gallery. Enjoy the Aluminium Bench as a resting place while you explore the architecture, light and sound works on display.

Part of REVEAL, a week-long festival celebrating the Museum's architecture, heritage and history.