Framing your Future: Exploring Careers in Photography (Live at the V&A)

Join the V&A Youth Collective as they discuss how to get started in photography with photographers Simon Schmidt and Gab Gibek.

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Past Event
Framing your Future: Exploring Careers in Photography (Live at the V&A) photo

This discussion will explore how to build a sustainable career in a challenging industry. From getting started and trying out photography for the first time, to establishing yourself as a professional creative.

This event is hosted and co-produced by the V&A Youth Collective.

Tickets are available on the door

This event will be live streamed to online audiences from the V&A Museum. Book a ticket on this page to join the event live at the museum, or sign up here to watch the conversation online.

This event is supported by Fondation d’entreprise Hermès

German-born and London-based Photographer, Art Director and Digital Media Consultant, Simon Schmidt, crafts stories that coherently explore the concept of movement. Simon places human form at the heart of his creative, drawing on his former background as a dancer. His work is driven by inherent curiosity and appreciation for the relationship between human and object. Always seeking to collaborate with brands in an unconventional way, Simon’s ultimate ambition is to revolutionise how the younger generation is consuming and communicating on the internet.

Gab Gibek (they/them) is a Polish-born 21-year-old artist and photographer. They have been working freelance for the last 5 years, working on projects such as Lifespring Stories, co-running online magazine INZAGHII and many more projects.