Tyler Mitchell: Indelible Images

This Friday Late, through live performance, film, installations, DJ sets and more, the museum will be transformed into a space for viewers to engage with images in new and unexpected ways.

+44 (0)20 7942 2000
Tyler Mitchell: Indelible Images photo

Guest curated by photographer Tyler Mitchell, this month's Friday Late is a continuation of his fascination with the power of images - new and old - in contemporary culture. Challenging stereotypes and centring a utopian vision of Black beauty, desire and belonging, the evening is a celebration of Tyler’s unique ability to bring communities together through film and visual cultures.

The event is the latest iteration of Night at the Cinema, a 24-hour online film festival, initiated by Tyler during the COVID-19 pandemic – live streamed from his computer desktop to viewers around the world.

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Please note: some galleries may be closed.