A Toolkit for the Future

Join an eclectic mix of practitioners to find out how to prepare for the world of tomorrow

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Past Event

Thinkers and makers question dominant futures and imagine alternative worlds, sharing perspectives on technology, politics, and speculative design. Speakers include: An Xiao Mina, Matt Jones, Jonas Staal, Kei Kreutler, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Bethan Wolfenden, Anab Jain and Luiza Prado.

The conference is followed by a day of speculative design workshops in partnership with London College of Fashion's Arts Programme at their new project space Arcade East (arcade-east.com) on Saturday 30 June, 12 - 6pm.

Conference speakers include:
An Xiao Mina, writer, technologist and researcher
Matt Jones, Interaction Design Director at Google Creative Lab
Jonas Staal, artist and founder of New World Summit
Kei Kreutler, artist and programmer
Heather Dewey-Hagborg, artist and programmer
Bethan Wolfenden, co-founder of Bento Bio
Anab Jain, co-founder of Superflux
Luiza Prado, artist and co-founder of A Parede and Decolonising Design

Image Credit:
Title: New World Summit - Rojava
Artist: Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava and Studio Jonas Staal
Year: 2015-18
Photo: Ruben Hamelink
Courtesy: Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava and Jonas Staal