Past Exhibition Ran from 12 May 2018 to 4 November 2018

The Future Starts Here

100 projects shaping the world of tomorrow

This show is stimulating, inspiring, exciting and challenging


From smart appliances to satellites, artificial intelligence to internet culture, this exhibition brought together more than 100 objects as a landscape of possibilities for the near future.

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The Volkswagen Group is a proud partner of The Future Starts Here at the V&A. In aiming to become a world-leading provider of sustainable mobility and driver of digital transformation, we know that innovation needs inspiration. The arts and culture are integral elements of a vibrant society and generate perspectives for its continual development. Therefore we support the arts in unfolding their power to inspire creativity worldwide.

Exhibition Highlights

Anthropocene spike, a golden spike driven into a rockface to mark the beginning of the Anthropocene geological era. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Seismic: 'Electric muscles for the elderly', Aura-powered bodysuits, Yves Behar. Courtesy of Seismic

Tomás Saraceno for Aerocene Foundation, Aerocene, launches at White Sands (NM, United States), 2015. Courtesy Aerocene Foundation. Photography by Studio Tomás Saraceno, 2015. Licensed under CC by Aerocene Foundation 4.0

Technology in Bed: 'Alone together', Hanif Shoaei, 2014. Courtesy of Hanif Shoaei

Body Code Animation: 'Visualising the code of life', Drew Berry, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. © E.O.Wilson Biodiversity Foundation

Protei: 'An autonomous ship that cleans oil spills', 2014. © Scoutbots LTD, Cesar Jung-Harada

Radical Love, DNA portrait of Chelsea Manning, by Heather Dewey-Hagborg, 2015. Courtesy of Heather Dewey-Hagborg and Fridman Gallery, New York City

betamodel, Bento Labs: 'A home DNA lab'. © Bento Bioworks

Shooting Stars project: 'Shooting stars on demand', Ale and Co Ltd, 2016. © ALE Co. Ltd

Luchtsingel: 'A pedestrian bridge crowdfunded by citizens', ZUS, 2011 – 2015, Rotterdam. Photography: Ossip van Duivenbode. © ZUS

Living Network: 'A world wide web of trees', Jalila Essaidi. © BioArt Laboratories

Masdar City: 'The world's first carbon-neutral, zero-waste city', Foster + Partners. Photography by Eteienne Malapert, 2014. © Etienne Malapert, The city of Possibilities, Ecal

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The Future Starts Here
Background image: The Future Starts Here, 2018. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London