In Focus Tour: Printing a New World

Discover the display, ‘Printing a New World: Commercial Graphics in the 1930s’ and its eye-catching array of vintage commercial printing and advertising ‘jobbing work’

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  • Meeting Point, Grand Entrance

  • Free event

A belief that new technologies and commodities would improve daily life was a reflection of the ideas of Modernism. Many designers, and the visionaries in the companies who employed them, regarded their work as an instrument of social change. They also felt that good design and eye-catching promotional material would contribute to commercial success. In this way, the developments in consumer goods, energy, and communication in the 1930s were popularised for a mass market. This informal tour, Deborah Sutherland and Ruth Hibbard will discuss what is Jobbing Printing and what can it teach us about graphic design and everyday life in the 1930s, and now.